List Of 12 Good Essay Topics For High School Students

Writing a 6 paragraph essay starts with a great topic. It may seem difficult to come up with a topic but consider things such as what people are talking about on social media or news headlines for quick ideas. The assignment guidelines will offer additional insight, and your instructor can provide hints on what to write. If you’re looking for other online sources, students can use to get help with high school assignments you can try here. Here are tips to help you come up with a topic and sample writing prompts for further inspiration.

Example Papers Can Help

Do you have any idea what this kind of paper looks like and the challenges to write it? To get an idea find a quality example to study. It can lead you toward the right direction to get the topic you need based on guidelines for the assignment. Read a few papers, and you’ll develop ideas worth researching further. Some find it helpful to use an academic database with papers because it gives one subject so many different ways to be creative. When in doubt about your idea scrap it and ask for an opinion on others.

List of 12 Potential Topics for Essay Writing

Whichever topic you choose, make sure it is something of interest and something that will provide plenty of data to help you reach the required word count for your assignment. As you gather ideas for a potential topic, think about something new and different. Consider a topic that brings a new perspective to your thinking. Here is a list of twelve writing prompts to get you started.

  1. Is war with another country ever a good idea?
  2. Should schools provide transgender bathrooms?
  3. Should students be able to choose their lunch or should the school?
  4. Making changes to the dress code.
  5. Why students decide to do drugs.
  6. Healthy ways to boost self-esteem.
  7. Why bullying gets out of control.
  8. Choosing a college.
  9. How to prepare for the SATs.
  10. Learning the life of a teen through another culture.
  11. How to encourage students to go to college.
  12. How social media is helpful or hurtful.

Additional Tips for Choosing the Right Topic

Papers written by other high school students are a great example of good essay topics for high school assignments. Think about what you want to do after graduation or how to help others achieve the goal. When you find a great topic, it pays off to stick with. There are other sources to consider when seeking ideas such as things going on at your school or outside of school.

Think about issues affecting high schoolers today. There are aspects of youth violence, substance abuse, and even depression that continue to cause problems. Use this opportunity to write about something true and positive. You can choose to defend your stance on the issue. The idea can be something you know much about and require little research.

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