Essay Writing Essentials: How to Edit My Paper Properly

After deciding on a controversial and fascinating thesis, examining your evidence, arranging your ideas and deal with different opinions, you might think all that remains is spell checking. But what readers feel or may think won’t be detected by running a spell check. Poorly phrased words will need a bit of tweak to fix it. The following are guidelines that can assist.

  • Read the essay aloud – Reading aloud helps you pick some problems that your eyes may miss. Hard labored sentences can sometimes make not see mistakes in the sentences. If you are bothered by something, it will definitely bother the reader too. Investigate to known what the problem is.
  • Let the words argue for you – Make sure the words and phrases in your paper are necessary. Your sentences should be sharp and tight. Use short, meaningful sentences. Use words that make your sentences interesting and lively to provide valuable information.
  • Use accurate and clear language – Try and use perfect words. Be specific and use precise language. Make use of a thesaurus and get the right words whose context you understand.
  • Use appropriate elevated language – Sometimes we try to sound authoritative or sophisticated by using technical jargons. The results sound like we are trying to sound smart, but to our readers, we are not. Reconsider inserting inspiring words instead use your good ideas. Use verbs and nouns appropriately for speech to function better when read.
  • Work on your dazzling sentences – When revising your work you might notice that sentences in your earlier draft don’t belong. Sometimes we are fond of phrases that we often sneak in when writing our assignment that don’t belong. Do away with these sentences to stay relevant.
  • Correct your patterns of errors – Every writer makes mistakes. Some are typical like forgetting commas or problem with transitions. Make sure you check on your commas and transition to eliminate these patterns of errors.
  • Allow a colleague to proofread your task – Your colleague is bound to get errors that you might have overlooked. Reading your essay backward, word after word forces the brain to understand every individual word. This helps you to find grammatical errors.
  • Take a break – After you are through with the assignment, it is necessary to distant yourself from work before commencing on the revision. A few days break allows your writing to get cold. Your will have relaxed your mind for a successful revision process.